SANITAIRE – Emergency Clean Up Powder with deodoriser


  • Sanitaire is a revolutionary, biodegradable, non-toxic emergency treatment for the safer control of all accidents involving body fluids, such as vomit, urine and blood, as well as food and drink spillages.
  • Sanitaire will absorb up to 200 times its own volume. Produced in a white powder with subtle floral fragrance.
  • Suitable for use on all surfaces and fabrics, even upholstery.
  • Used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, pubs & restaurants, kennels & catteries, local authorities, emergency services, transport & travel companies.
  • To use – Sprinkle Sanitaire liberally over the spillage and contaminated area and wait for about 90 seconds. Sanitaire will absorb the spillage and trap odor-bearing droplets within an inert jelly that can then be scooped or swept up with a stiff brush. Dispose of into a toilet or suitable receptacle.

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